What is Social Media Influencer Marketing

What is Social Media Influencer Marketing & How to develop your strategy

 Social media marketing is powerful. It’s an effective solution for any new or traditional business to help establish themselves as a brand across the internet. People are getting smarter with new technologies and resources available to their desks. They do not easily trust even trustworthy sources when it comes to buying a product or services, they have to spend money in exchange for values. With YouTube reviews, site testimonials, or friend recommendations—people are getting smarter on their purchasing decisions.

Businesses want to keep pace with that in the same manner. This is where social media influencers can help. These influencers manage and sustain trust among followers and when they post something through their channels, networks, influencer pages, it receives great attention and engagement. Most renowned businesses know the secrets of these powerful marketing techniques, which in turn, help them acquire leads and eventually convert them into customers.

The world is carrying about 70% of its time on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Business know where the people are and hence, leverage these platforms for their marketing. Implementing Influencer marketing strategies can go a long way to boost sales and drive potential targeted traffic to your websites.

What is social media influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing or social media marketing is a type of marketing that involves endorsements products and services from popular social media accounts usually known as social media influencers or social media marketers. Influencers generally run social media pages dedicated to one, or—sometimes more than one—niche. They appear to the public as an “expert” to their niches and so, entice the businesses and enterprises for shoutouts or posts under their millions of followers.

What are the type of social media influencers?

Ideally, there are 5 types of social media influencers that fall into a category:

  • Mega-influencers: having more than a million followers
  • Macro-influencers: having 500K to 1 million followers
  • Mid-tier influencers: having 50K to 500K followers
  • Micro-influencers: having 10K to 50K followers
  • Nano-influencers: having 1K to 10K followers



As the name suggests, having more than a million fan followings, mega influencers are more likely to appear as celebrity accounts. They can get leads or attention to your products or services just by one post. These influencers are mostly active on social media accounts regularly building trust towards the audience in their respective niches. They help businesses generate a ton of likes and engagements.


Macro-influencers are those who have sustained 500K to 1 million follower counts but have fewer followers range than mega influencers. Macro-influencers may be any celebrity, athlete, or TV personality. They often hold a “celebrity status” badge just like mega influencers that help brands to contact them for a large reach.

Mid-tier influencers

Mid-tier influencers might not have such a big following base but regardless of the fact, they are driving more engagements than to the celebrity influencers’ accounts. Mid-tier falls under a range of 50K to 500K followers. They are highly talented professionals who can create persuasive content’s under their domain. Followers trust and enjoy such content without having a slight idea that these accounts are influencers.


Micro-influencers are small following accounts with 10K to 50K followers that may sound to you less effective in terms of trust and engagements, but do you know? 82% of users tend to buy a product suggested by a micro-influencer. Isn’t it weird?

Yes, because a celebrity influencer account may appear more like a random website selling this and that, but a micro-influencer account may look more faithful, connected, and friendly. This type of influencer brings more sales, conversion, and engagements to the brands. According to a resource, it is seen that influencers holding a range of 10,000-100k followers produce the best social engagement making them the first choice for brands or businesses.


A budget-friendly and cost-effective solution for especially new or rising brands comes in the form of nano-influencers that are usually segmented in the 1K to 10K followers scale. The resource suggests that nano-influencer is the most effective individuals over all of the above mention types. The best part is since these types of influencers focus more on growing their following networks, they often tend to offer their services either for free of cost or at a reasonable price.

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