Web Application

Imperial IT can help you build and manage the web-based applications for your small, medium or large scale business. In this way, you can manage your business processes effectively and without any hazel.

Custom Websites & Web apps

Today business needs an online website for e-marketing. Websites can provide you all the necessary information about the product and services and convey your message to your customers or prospects in a better way. The demand for custom websites and web apps is increasing day by day. Imperial, IT is one of the pioneer web development companies which can provide you the best IT services consisting of designing custom websites which can somehow extend the market reach of your business and increase sale. With our custom management software tools, you can build a custom website and web apps which help you in creating impressive, responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

With our creative and custom website design, you can make a professional impact on your customers which can build a brand name for you. Brand value only comes when you have a professional design of the website. Some business requires easy to use mobile apps so that information within the company can be shared easily. That is where our web apps can help you achieve your sales goal and objectives.

Easily update your website through Imperial IT CMS

We have a dedicated team of experts who can also provide you CMS that enables you to update your website from time to time.

We use latest platform & version

Technology is something that keeps on changing and hence to keep you up to date we use the latest version of platform methodology so that you need not face any problem in up-scaling your business.

Easy to Customize

Imperial IT understands your business needs and requirements. That is why they provide easy to use and customized software tools and web-based applications that can make your business easily manageable.

Fully Secured

In order to make your e-business more secured we also provide SSL certificates at cheap and affordable rates. This can make your website safer and secured from getting attacks from malicious programs and viruses.

Technology We Use


Do you know that multiple CSS files on your website themes can slow down your website by increasing the load time? Then you must seek help from our highly skilled front end developers who can provide you CSS on the Content delivery network. This can reduce the load time and thereby increasing your page speed. There are lots of open-source platforms available in the market which enables programmers to make use of reusable codes and effectively collaborate the different modules of the project. Front-end programmers at “Imperial IT” use the latest program methodology to address the basic needs of our clients. They can build fully responsive and mobile-friendly apps that can run on any device; be it android, tablets or iPhones. These developers are skilled professionals and trained in various programming fields. We can build software tools in C++, Java, Asp.Net, VB.Net, PHP, Python and many others.


With the advent of modern technology, the demand for mobile apps has been increased exponentially. Mobile app development is one of the major demands in the IT industry and it is because of which people focus more and more for app development for their business. Mobile apps can facilitate schools to pay the regular fees on time, check the attendance reports of students send a notification for holidays and keep parents updated with various upcoming events. Imperial IT has made a mobile app for many boarding and international schools. If you are looking for easy to use mobile apps to manage your business then you can simply trust us. We provide the best APIs to facilitate ease of doing business. Even though this app is built on open source but they are safe and secured. We have a dedicated team of experts who analyze these apps through different test techniques like black-box testing or white box testing. Depending on the nature of the business we can also modify the app to make your app ready to use for business. The app we make can be run on any mobile devices no matter you are using android mobile, a tablet or an iPhone. We also provide CMS for admin users to manage the apps so that you can update the information on the app whenever you want.


Our team is not complete with our backend developers. The connectivity of the GUI form with your database is equally important to make your app or software function properly. This is where you require back end developers. Our core development team also includes proficient back end developers who can make your database connectivity with your GUI based form to handle the server request every time the user asks for it. As this request plays a very vital role in performance hence we do not take a risk in the back end development team. If the front end developers are cherry on the cake then back end developers are an actual cake that you eat. The platform we use for the database depends on the needs and requirements of our clients. For large and medium scale enterprise we use SQL also known as Structural query database. But for small scale enterprises or businesses we use MySQL. The basic aim of the back end developer is to balance the load on the server time request. If there are multiple transactions or request going on through a single portal you need the concept of threads to prioritize the query. This needs extensive knowledge of database management tools which Imperial IT back end developers are experts at.

What our collaboration will look like

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Sign NDA

We also provide software agreements and license which can ensure your software tools not be in the market with anyone.


Discuss Project

You can get your project discussed with our team of experts who can understand your basic needs and use a brainstorming session to address your problems through effective solutions through IT services.


Sign Contract

Our clients sign up for the contract and agreements for taking services from the Imperial IT Company. These contracts include the duration of time we abide to provide you service. You can upgrade your contract anytime for annual maintenance service.


Set Up Team

The selection of the team is important and crucial for any line of business. You cannot achieve your business goal if you do not have a good team. Imperial IT provides the best team of front end developers and back end developers for the development of websites, web app or mobile devices.


Set Up Infrastructure

Large scale or medium scale industry needs setting up of infrastructure and manage their business process effectively using IT services. We provide excellent It infrastructure for MNC company as well.


Develop Software

Development work in Imperial IT is done on the iteration process. Software as we know that is built on modules hence to keep the needs and requirements of the customer at any development phase we always keep them updating the basic needs.


Deliver Regularly

Imperial IT experts have the potential to deliver the task before the stipulated time. We never compromise with the quality of software and other related services.


Release Product

Releasing the software product within the said date is major challenge of every IT company. We endeavor to provide software product before the deadline and are hence most trusted and reputed IT firm throughout India.


Maintain Product

We provide annual maintenance to our clients and hence you can sign up the annual maintenance agreement to get the maximum benefit of software product maintenance.

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