Voice search optimization, which includes optimizing your site for voice search devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, is a relatively new concept that’s quickly becoming important to website owners. This means that people will be asking their machines for information instead of typing it in on the internet. That being said, it’s essential for website owners to optimize their websites so they’re still ranking on the first page of Google after search engines adapt to this emerging trend. 

Voice search optimization is a challenge for webmasters in this competitive era. There is no doubt that it has been the top search as the users have shifted from mobile to wearable devices and applications like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung, and other smart devices.

In the midst of the mobile revolution, a lot of people didn’t think voice search would be that popular. That’s probably because it was hard to use and not as intuitive as typing in a search query. Thanks to things like Siri and Google Home, however, voice search has become more popular than originally anticipated. As you may have guessed, this has opened up the door for more opportunities for businesses to optimize their websites for search engines – especially for voice search engines. Here are 4 tips on how you can do voice search optimization in 2021

1. Assess and measure the current condition

What people want and need is constantly changing. Voice search can help you respond with greater relevance and relevancy to them. If you want your company to be in their heads when they speak with search engines, it needs to provide them what they need when they want it. You should take a few minutes each day to assess what’s working and what isn’t. Search engine optimization incorporates many elements of human psychology and helps businesses pinpoint their ideal customers based on their behavior on Internet sites.

2. Optimize your website for local search

Google voice search is an important part of Google, and if you’re not using it effectively, it can really hurt your business. You can optimize your site to give people a better experience when searching for something that can be done locally. This goes beyond typing in the place you want your product or service to be found and referring people to other pages on your website where they can find what they’re looking for. 

For eCommerce websites, having a good local search engine optimization strategy includes things like putting up Google My Business cards within your city and state (and other relevant local information), including phone numbers and email addresses for support, as well as listing your local contacts on the home page and adding an About Us page displaying the name and address of your company.

3. Clear, concise, long keywords to Voice Search Optimization

Clear, concise, long keywords help with Search engine optimization (SEO). Longer keywords are better for local searches because listing a city or suburb helps people find you easily without having to search further. However, don’t overdo it with keywords. You don’t want to have too many or too few as they will make it harder for you to rank high for those particular searches.

4. Think Schema Markup

Have you ever searched for something on Google and only received a list of related results? Wouldn’t it be better if there was a way for your voice to be heard in the results? Schema markup allows you to do exactly that. 

Adding a schema tag to your web page will significantly improve the voice search results that appear on your website. While not everyone agrees that this markup is necessary for good Voice search optimization, many search engines now include it in hopes of improving their conversion rates. Schema markup lets you attach information about your domain to your voice search queries, which can help your conversions go through the roof.

Final Words

Google Voice Search is designed to help customers get information from search engines faster and more efficiently. It can help achieve quick finds for users, but the biggest challenge for many businesses is how it delivers answers. Voice search typically indicates voice recognition or text-to-speech technology is available, but the service may require configuration or improvement. By implementing a few strategies to your website, you can formulate google voice search optimization or get voice search optimization services from web development or digital marketing companies.

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