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SEO Packages For Your Business Needs – Local, National & Ecommerce

SEO packages consist of a group of SEO services that serve the organic internet marketing demands of a business. These packages are often offered by digital marketing agencies and they aid businesses by organically marketing their website on search engines by increasing its visibility, search rankings, and website traffic.

At Imperial IT Pvt Ltd., we help you get started with the right, affordable SEO packages. Each type of package serves its purpose. Our Local SEO packages are ideal for businesses that wish to attract customers locally or in a specific region. Opting for the National SEO package is the best if you are looking for enterprise or B2B leads. It’s also suitable if your final goal is to get more overseas business leads or attractions.

When it comes to product-selling businesses, our E-commerce SEO packages will help your products rank faster and improve the growth rate of your E-commerce platform or website. Whether you sell a few products or offer a full inventory, our e-commerce SEO packages can get you going.
Thus, we have packages for businesses of all types. Want one for your business? Then, start today with our flexible SEO packages




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What Are SEO Packages?

SEO packages are custom or pre-built SEO subscription offered by SEO expert agencies and individuals, that aim to improve your organic ranking in search results that help your business can capture more traffic and revenue from organic search. Deliverables for SEO packages will vary, but most of SEO plans will include technical SEO, on-page, off-page, keywords research and website audit deliverables. The SEO packages comes in various subscriptions like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscriptions.

Moreover, SEO packages are of various types and these packages are offered as per the requirements of a business. Depending on the requirements, these packages can be customized. However, not every agency offers such services. With SEO packages a business website can grow exponentially and generate:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Online Conversion
  • Online Sales and Revenue
  • Online Visibility
  • Code Optimization
What Services Do Imperial IT Packages Include?

Our SEO packages include all the necessary measures that you can expect from a professional SEO agency. We follow modern SEO techniques that can be personalized for your business. Some of our hallmark SEO tactics include:

Header Tag Optimization

A website page is divided into various sections usually separated by a group of headings. However, these headings must be in proper order. In order of importance, heading tags rank from H1 To H6. Thus, heading tag optimization is about utilizing the right header tags for the content’s heading and subheadings.

Internal Website Linking

The better the interlinking between website content, the more easily the users and even search engines can move from one content to another on a website. From user experience to crawling, internal linking of a website plays a crucial role and we accomplish this task to perfection.

Robots.txt File Creation

A Robots.txt file helps in informing the search crawlers on which URLs they can access on the website. It’s a mechanism to avoid overloading your website with requests. We create Robots.txt carefully and thoroughly analyze it because of the significance it possesses.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a file that contains lists of important website pages, ensuring Google can find these pages and crawl them. Moreover, the XML sitemap makes it convenient for search engines to understand the website structure.

Image Optimization

Images can drastically increase the load speed of a page. Thus, images are compressed and the file size is reduced as much as possible without affecting the quality of an image. Moreover, image optimization also helps an image appear in the image search results of a relevant query.

Title And Meta Tags

A title tag is the heading of a page that becomes visible in the browser title bar as well as in the SERPs. On the other hand, meta tags are a brief description of what the page is about. In terms of organic rankings, both title and Meta tags play a crucial role, and hence, we optimize these essential On-Page SEO factors.

Professional tools Set Up

Utilizing industry-level tools for gathering and analyzing data helps an SEO professional set up an effective campaign. Without data, SEO is not possible, and collecting data on a website can improve existing activities. The most commonly set up tools from our end for clients are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more.

URL Analysis

Checking the URLs of pages is an essential part of SEO analysis. The URL should not include random characters and should be or relate to the title of a page. Anything other than that requires fixing and thus, URL analysis should be implemented on regular basis, which we do for all of our clients.


Canonicalization is a specialized SEO tactic that helps avoid duplicate content issues. It also helps in controlling the indexing of URLs in search engines. With EZ Rankings canonicalization every keyword has a dedicated page and duplicate pages can be avoided.

Google Penalty removal

Google has a set of guidelines that every website must follow. If it doesn’t, it is penalized which prevents it from ranking. Thus, the Google penalty is a strict action that can affect a website immensely. We undertake the complete process of removing the penalty that includes the action taken as well as assuring the search engine that the mistake won’t be repeated.

Brand Mentions

As the name suggests brand mentions are references to a company online. These mentions come in various forms such as blog posts, educational posts, service or product feedback, news articles, and more. We help you in establishing your online reputation and authority with effective brand mentions.


This Off-Page activity is all about finding discussion forums related to your services or products and sharing your valuable views on a subject. Thus, we help you in building connections within the community, enhance reach, and also present you as a problem solver, in process, building your reputation.

Article /Blog submission

Article or Blog submission is producing a written piece such as a blog or an article and sharing it on a third-party website. This allows your business to share relevant content on niche-specific websites and attract a targeted audience which brings ample opportunities.

Spam Link Removal

Backlink auditing is simply auditing all the links on a website and removing the bad links. With the help of a tool, we recognize unwanted links and remove them with the help of webmaster. Submission of disavow file to Google is done to ignore these links.

Content Outreach

Sharing valuable content on relevant platforms is what content outreach is all about. Businesses today create content to connect with their audience. However, that content must be aptly promoted for it to reach its target audience and to be of any benefit to the business. Content can be of various types such as infographics, podcasts, blogs, videos, and more.

Classified Submission

The process of submitting an ad campaign on classified websites is known as classified submission. One of the fastest ways to boost service or product visibility, it is often considered a viable Off-page SEO tactic. Classified submission websites are a convenient source for any business to post their product or service ads and gain some noticeable traction.

Press Release

We help businesses craft press releases to share new news, products, or services of theirs. Additionally, we submit them to PR sites to spread awareness of the event, product, or services that they’re trying to popularize. Press Release is considered a vital Off-Page SEO tactic to gain some industry recognition.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the act of writing and publishing a post on someone else’s website. Usually, that other website is from the same business niche. We publish authoritative, educative content on other websites that can help a business build trust and become a leading company in the industry.

Competitor Links

Analyzing competitors has always been a part of an effective SEO strategy. Often businesses can gain a ton of backlink opportunities when they study their competitor’s backlink strategy. We help a business gain valuable links as it aids them to understand the benchmark of the type, quality, and quantity of backlinks that they need to build.

Content Syndication

Content syndication is making owned content available on other websites to increase its reach. Publishing owned content on some external websites introduces the content to a new audience, thus, strengthening a business’s position in the market.

Keyword Tracking

It’s important to fully manage, optimize and measure target keywords. At EZ Rankings, we facilitate our clients with keyword positioning updates as we constantly measure the target keywords with industry-level tools. We keep you updated on your keyword rankings on search engines.

Monthly Reporting

Imperial It presents the monthly reporting on a campaign to every client. We create reports on the metrics and templates that the client demands and requires. With specialized tools such as Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and more, we deliver easy-to-understand reports.

Website Monitering

Constantly analyzing the website for any issues is also an important aspect. We monitor your website to ensure everything is in position and nothing is going sideways.

Lead Tracking

With our tools, we keep track of the leads and conversions we’re generating. Usually, our complete reports contain the leads and conversion generated from our campaigns but at any time you require instant data, we can provide you this data as well.

Constant Support

Not just monthly reports but we also constantly provide updates via Skype, call, WhatsApp, or in any form the client wants to communicate. At Imperial It, we also utilize professional CRM tools such as Basecamp to communicate with clients to provide them with regular updates.