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“Pay-per-click” often abbreviated as PPC is an online advertising campaign that can increase response, impressions or clicks on your website. Online adverts on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex can raise the number of calls for an inquiry which can increase your sales miraculously. Pay per click is one such way where start-up business owners can get responses from the search engines easily. You can adjust the click-through rate according to the amount of money you want to invest in marketing. Advertisement of the search engines like Google is placed on the top of the SERPs-search engine result pages. Hence the probability of getting the inquiry calls is increased multiple times. For starting an ad campaign in Google using Pay per click, Imperial IT proves to be an ideal company. This is a charged service and you can get it done with the highly motivated and skilled marketing professional of Imperial IT.

Our PPC Services

Get pay per click services with a targeted audience to increase your sales call each day. Imperial IT expert PPC advisors can analyze your competitor keywords and help you get more inquiry calls.

Search Advertising

It is seen that more than 80% of traffic on a website comes from organic traffic hence it is of utmost importance that your website should be SEO friendly. Get a good position of your website on a long tail or short tail keywords in a short duration of time.

Display Advertising

Banner Posters and Link exchange, classified advertisements can also increase traffic on your website Imperial Digital advertising can increase your traffic worth of website and domain authority.

Social Media Advertising

The handling of social media is essential for every business. If you do not manage your social media advertisement properly then there is a risk to your brand.


Change the marketing plans and strategies to make your brand more successful. We are top Market experts who can easily analyze your competitor through our sophisticated tools and help you achieve business goals or objectives.

Google Shopping Ads

Sometimes you need to advertise on Google for displaying your product and services. You need to make a Google Business account which is generally difficult for business owners to make it on their own. Our Expert teams can make a professional Business account

Mobile Advertising

We also provide mobile advertisements like Bulk WhatsApp share or refer and earn programs for apps so that your website starts getting traffic which can give you more new customers.

What's Included in PPC Services

Imperial IT provides a complete package for PPC services for small, business or large scale entrepreneurs. You can choose any plan according to your choice and get a targeted audience which can help you to increase your sales. Imperial IT PPC service can help you with

  • Effective Marketing
  • Easy to implement Advice
  • Advanced Business Strategy
  • Analysis of competitor
  • Consultation services

Strategic Services and Campaign Management Strategy

At Imperial IT, we analyze the competitor of its client minutely and watch out the possible loopholes. We take advantage of our strategic services and Campaign Management strategy. Our company provides brand awareness through multiple platforms on social media or blogging websites.

Effective Marketing advice

Our Expert Marketing team can provide you best advice to increase your sales keeping the market demand in mind.

Easy to implement Advice

Any advice is of no use if it becomes complex and difficult to be implemented. Our Company provides easy to implement advice to provide consistent solutions to every problem through IT services.

Advanced Business Strategy

Many times we need to change the business strategy and this needs thinking out of the box. You can get this expert advice from our trusted Business analyst as well.

Analysis of competitor

Check your competitor and find out what scope you have to outright them. Imperial IT expert marketing strategist can help you analyze your competition.

Consultation services

Get expert consultation by highly skilled marketing professionals. Imperial consultation services can help your business reach new heights.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can help you manage your complaints effectively which can increase your customer satisfaction. Make effective use of social media with expert social media teams of Imperial.

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We always try to provide you our best business consulting service.

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PPC campaigns generate sales, website traffic, inquiry, app downloads, and your business branding but only if you hire the best PPC management company.

  • Marketing business plan
  • Advice business plan
  • Strategic business plan
  • Analize business plan
  • Consulting business plan

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