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A tech hiring platform that helps companies hire 10X faster & more efficiently. A network of 50,000+ talents, pre-vetted against their technical capabilities, language proficiency and behavioral skills.


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India's Largest Talent Network

Explore the 50,000+ strong top, pre-vetted talent. From India, for the world.

Front-End Developers

HTML, ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js & more

Back-End Developers

Node.js, Laravel, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Magento & more

Digital Marketers

Performance Marketers, Programmatic Specialists, SEO Experts


UI/UX, Graphic, Product Designers

Salesforce Experts

Administrators, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Developers

Email Marketers

Campaign Managers, Marketing Specialists, Developers

Software Engineers

Python, .Net, Java & more

App Developers

iOS, Android, React Native

Every talent in our network is pre-vetted and qualified on below parameters.


Vetted through a world-leading AI-powered English communication test that assesses speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, fluency, clarity of expression, and speed of speech.

Culturally Fit

Compatible to adapt, understand, & adjust accordingly with company’s core values, vision, principle, identity.

Technically Super Sound

Each candidate tested for 5-hour long with rigorous Tech assessment curated uniquely as per the job role.

Available across all time zones

Uplers network has talents working across different time zones, hence, we have someone to fit your local time zone and ready to join you in as less as 5 days.

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How to get started?

A platform that takes care of everything beforehand. Uplers sources, vets,
matches and manages all the talents.

Share complete roles and responsibilities, must-have skills, necessary market experience and budget.

We’ll match the best-fitted profile(s) in the next 48 hours for your review. You shortlist and share the time slots for us to schedule interviews.

Assess them until you are confident and provide feedback.

We’ll sort all the legalities and contracts with the talent, ensure a smooth onboarding and help you manage the talent.

Top 3.5% Talent Network

100+ High-in-demand Tech Skills

70% First Interview Selection Rate

98% Job Acceptance Ratio

2X Employee Retention Rate

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