Best Ways to Generate Revenue Using Blogs

Best Ways to Generate Revenue Using

Do you intend to make money online via blogging? Then it is better to kick-off by locating a suitable niche and monetize the blog to reap profits in the long run. However, it might require ample technical knowledge to set up a blog. As a result, it is highly recommended to approach a professional blogging website design company like Imperial IT located at Noida. There are two major options to create a blog, first, you may leverage a free blogging platform or if necessary, you may create an independent website.

  1. Free blogging portals are best suited for a casual blogger who is not aiming towards generating money via the blog. It is extremely simple and quick to set up one. Nevertheless, one of the few setbacks associated with it is that there are no customizing options, inability to upload videos and images. There is no option to include ads and affiliate links.

  2. You may consider setting up a website as it is best suited for a committed blogger. An individual does have optimal control over customizing and designing. He/she does have the option to hold an independent custom URL. Moreover, they can place ads as well as affiliate links. A limitation concerning it is that you are required to pay a onetime fee to procure the domain name and hosting charges.

  3. A major advantage of holding an independent website is that you have complete control over it without any fear of your blog being deleted from the platform.

  4. Another important factor to be considered is to select a suitable niche that is unique in every sense. For instance, if you have decided to create a fashion blog, then you may consider integrating your passion for attires with care for the environment via blogging related to environmentally conscious people.

  5. Once you have developed a blog, you are supposed to promote it via various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, Instagram. Leverage these portals by sharing posts, comments with your followers. This is helpful for them to reach a large group of the target audience.


If you are planning to reap profits using blogs, then you should consider promoting it through social media platforms. However, you have to make sure that the blog is developed using vibrant images and videos that capture the attention of the public.

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