Best Practices SEO for Website Redesign

Website Redesign

Before launching a brand new website, you have to make sure that it also provides an opportunity to enhance website SEO, digital marketing and conversion sales. Conversely, it might also lead to a disaster if appropriate measures are not undertaken to ensure a seamless transformation from the old website to new ones and it could ruin the SEO equity.

So today, we shall discuss certain factors to be considered while redesigning a website to preserve and enhance current search engine rankings and drive more traffic.

=> You should possess a better understanding of what would work with existing SEO.

=> One must have gained knowledge of the possible issues that might pop up with a redesign.

=> A comprehensive plan of the frequent changes occurring within a new website.

=> You should be familiar with the weak spots of SEO as it would help in tracking those areas to make further improvements on the new website.

=> Those who are running digital marketing SEO campaigns should pay close attention to the placement of keywords and niche that drive more traffic to your website. By doing so, you will be able to gauge which one is best suited for you and incorporate it into a new website.

=> Some of the popular issues that trigger during a website redesign are probably due to the elimination of web content, change in URLs, alterations in Page level optimization, the inclusion of brand new contents, sections and implementation of innovative means of technology and features.

The above-mentioned problems could have a major impact on search engine rankings and organic traffic. Therefore, some of the best-suggested practices to ensure error-free website redesign is as follows

Try to keep the old website intact in a temporary web address. You have to make sure that the website could not be accessed by third parties or bot.

Despite the presence of an old site on a temporary URL, save the crawl of the previous one. Experts suggest installing a small desktop program named screaming fog where you can load up the older site crawl to perform analysis.


A Website redesign is a crucial process wherein you have to make sure that what would work best on the existing site, getting familiar with those areas to be improved, proper planning of the website and tracking the outcome.

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