10 Programming Languages to Learn for Stepping into Development World


Have you just completed your graduation and have decided to enter the software industry. Are you not sure about your decision? Sit back and relax! This is undoubtedly a great decision. With the technology boom, there are advances in the software and techniques every day.

Each and every day, the mobile application development industry is going by leaps and bounds. For every industry, it has become now important to hire a mobile application development company in order to boost up their sales and grab the higher benefits.

So, the first thing that will strike your mind after choosing the software industry is, which programming language to choose for the software industry.

Read the article completely to know the 10 programming languages to learn for stepping into the development world:


This is the very first and versatile programming language that is considered by most of the app developers for android app development, backend development, and more services.

If you are thinking to incorporate in the latest technologies, then the Big data Hadoop or the blockchain, then you must choose java as the option.


This programming language has been recently announced as the official android app development language, which is indeed a great option to start your career with. Here are the top features of the language:

  1. Open-source

  2. Less coding

  3. Highly secure

  4. Extension function

  5. Java interoperability

Objective C

This is the perfect programming language for the iOS world. The various features of this are:

  1. Dynamic typing

  2. Dynamic run time

  3. Access to the apple technologies


This language came in 2014 and is another great language that has entered the mobile industry. This is suitable for you if your core focus is for Apple users. Here are the major features:

  1. Open-source

  2. Less coding

  3. Easy to learn


One of the oldest programming language that has a wider scope of usage in the web and mobile app industry. Features are:

  1. Fast and efficient

  2. Portability

  3. Object-oriented


High level interpreted programming that is considered very important by the app development companies. Features of the language are:

  1. Easy to learn

  2. Cross-platform functionality

  3. efficient for client-side development.


This is the 5th generation HTML which is quite famous among mobile app developers. Here are the features:

  1. Flexibility

  2. Cost-effectiveness

  3. Marketing opportunities

  4. Media and web plugins


Being one of the most popular programming languages, this ranks at the top of the list of the languages that are taught in colleges and schools.

So, if you are looking for the languages that can help you with the website design or help you in the app development, then we at Imperial IT are here to help you.

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